Finding symmetries in an unsymmetrical world ..

On Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of Nature .This simple thought occupies so much of time , both consciously and whilst the incubation that I am forced to think in a plethora of dimensions about the unknown .

While I was sleeping all these years,or studying just facts and figures,and rote learning the formulae of sciences – both pure and applied ,there was a mathematician struggling hard to find  atruth somewhere in his unkempt room .And today at each of our finger tips , there is an immense power that neither the Babylonians , the Greeks, or the Egyptians had – the power to know what already exists – because we can never build a castle with bricks alone, we need the mortar of the work of others ,and draw patterns, analyze the data, and understand these connections .

More than ever we need to turn the data into information and then to assimilate the facts into what makes knowledge. Moths teaches us to question, it has the immense ability to prove what is beyond the realms of philosophy.

What needs to be learnt however is to have an unwavering courage to question, to find and seek .

To be more, do more ,and become more …

I do not want to attempt at trying to solve the unsolved questions that genuinely attempt to unravel and understand the world around me.This blog is about this understanding of the world around me , in my own , mostly self guided way, the paths of which I traverse when I meet someone fortuitously, sharing the same “pleasure of discovering things” .

Disclaimer —

I know very little and whatever I have learnt is through the work of others who went before me . None of the thoughts here are mine alone, and I hugely draw both influence and inspiration from what I read,see and experience around me .Where ever possible I have attempted to give adequate credit to the “Think Tanks ” that I learn from.


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Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism

Marcus du Sautoy – On symmetries

Game Theory

Jon von Neumann

John Nash

Collated list of Game theorists

Let Truth Prevail ..

Ekta Grover


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