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Hey there, thanks for dropping by.  My name is Ekta. You can also find me here on Linkedin and at Quora here  . 

Feb 2013- June 2013 

A lot of things went well during this time, but more than that, a lot them did not strike as well as I would have expected – being who I am I sprung back – and showed the resilience of the superwoman I am. I have to admit it felt like it was never going to end, but end it did – and I am proud of how I channelized my energy to use it for a constructive, wholesome growth as an individual, in the midst of all the troubled waters(if you would).  Most of all, I bettered at the art of planning my trajectory. I am learning and growing – articulating and defining new problems and solving them.

Most of these mornings and late night, I spend sometime in bathroom, scribbling algorithms(really!) – and can’t get enough of it. It is like I have been suddenly blessed with an additional endowment of time and intellect. Sometimes it feels like the time I spent in Germany, when I was really trying to keep with up the kick-ass students across the Globe, all in one class ! So, technically – I feel proud and satisfied by all that I picked up during this time – and finally sinking into the feeling that studying Quantitative Economics has made me a better engineer, after all. Met(and meeting) amazing people, volunteering for new amazing things(trying to bring the change I wanted to see) and learning with them – all in all life has been surprising me in profound new ways. One of the things I did during this time, was coming up with my How to be a Rockstar manifesto  – which I am hosting in slide-share soon. It is a sum total of all the experiences and the problem solving capabilities that I can now synthesize having picked up.

Think Datastructures, think brevity, and always constrain yourself to use lesser resources than you think you need – that is where optimization comes from !

   And most of all always challenge the status Quo. Rock On !



September 2012 – Jan 2013

Relocating back to India has been a phenomenal decision. In many ways, it has taught to to stay focused on what I really want from life, in life . And that – a BRAND does not create you , YOU create that brand. A lot of family, friends & fools (FFF) , often ask me about why moved back – and this is the answer – “Where-ever in the world may I be, I will still be Ekta – and that attitude is everything. If you strong & courageous, you will make anything famous(derived, source unknown) , and draft your personal brand in this process. “

    I am loving being that infectious source of energy that keeps me charged up every single morning  – I am growing, learning and inspiring in ways that I never thought would materialize, and raring to go beyond.  I have learnt to push myself .  And, that Job profiles, roles and responsibilities are just a template of  To-do’s – no one’s stopping you from doing more. So do MORE , because that is MOST sustainable way of learning.

   Yesterday, a colleague at work asked me .. ”  But doesn’t this affect your family life?” ,  to which I told her that we  both work ( I didn’t say learn, fearing she would understand) back home. To which she added ” Oh you are both work-alcoholics” , and I just re-phased “Ambitious and driven, is the right word that describes us. ”

Education shouldn’t stop us from learning and neither should a professional role that you love – you have to keep carving and crafting your professional & interpersonal footprint.  The point is IMPACT and shaping how we learn, after all. PERIOD . And, I am so lucky to have a partner like my husband, kaushik.



Its time AGAIN that I changed “Who I am !” —

Early 2012- August 2012

Drafting my own personal brand 

I describe myself  as a Superwoman , Bottom-up economist and an auto-didactic . I am thoughtful, well-read, and a VERY  sharp listener. I love to push myself off the cliff, something I am proud having demonstrated, often.  I love building Business models and Monetizing stuff and have a reasonable knack for Technology. I can speak Graphs and eat numbers if it’s served for lunch (dinner should be light and can’t  be compromised ) .  

And, I love talking to Business leaders & Technology evangelists.  I am writing a book “20’s is the new 30’s : planning the dots you WILL want to connect backwards”, It’s all about strategically placing yourself in the dynamic Corporate world.  If  my gray cells don’t die before that, I should be done by the end of this year (Released via Creative commons) .

 I enjoy learning new things, so if we have nothing in common, that is actually the best case scenario  !   Poke me , if you find something of mutual interest. 


Mid 2011 – early 2012  –  Senorita Gets a new pair of Gloves !


What 2011 taught me  .

Sometime in late 201o , I read Clayton Christensen’ s How will you Measure your life ? “ – and I have to tell you that , I have changed again , this time more immensely ! – for good yes, Like everytime . I am growing and changing , and adapting .. and it feels good .

So what is this “gloves” about  ?

This article by  Clayton M. Christensen , is at the heart of the “Marginal cost” – and how we just keep doing things one more time to GET there . It is about – NOT giving in to the temptation – of that WHICH we do NOT really want to do. Letting go of the ego & the arrogance that sometime masks the otherwise wonderful skills that we have.

To relate to what this means for me , is —  I came to pursue my masters in Germany , ah well importantly to a PhD. program , (where I get my Masters Education ) and in a completely different culture (I was raised in Asia (India) )  – before coming here – I used to think , it’s going to be FUN ! — well , I had to make choices, which meant pushing myself to limits , in every way, intellectually, spiritually(The need for balance), culturally , linguistically (German as the main spoken language in daily proceeds of life ), and professionally (Asian’s I think do quite some “foreplay” in Business, we just can’t get straight to work) — so it was all about adapting to all of this ,and more , things that I had not anticipated ..

And more so , aggregating the costs of all that I was pushing in future , essentially procrastinating future pleasures , ahem , ahem — Pleasures of Poetry, Theater and all the things I really love love doing apart from learning new things, and growing in EVERY way .

And cutting long story short — I have REALLY emerged strong from this second wave of  seeking Intellectual Challenge – I have yes, but what this WAVE taught me beyond everything was RESILIENCE . And the fact about resilience is that ONE can only experience it after it has happened ( Words from HBR review) – but for that you have to Experience it , go through the uncomfirtable phase – look at yourself , objectively and continue evolving and Growing . And please do not look at marginal costs , because they are always “… tempting to Give in , just a little bit , it won’t hurt I promise “.

To add to that, I met John Kearon , CEO Brainjuicer at TEDx this February  (2012) – and we were talking about failure – loved his words , the paradox of success  is that —  The paradox of success is you need to embrace failure to achieve it.  

I think organizations , academic Institutions and societies ought to teach us how we should fail – and fail well – as goes the old maxim – YOU should NOT only LEARN to ride your horse, BUT also LEARN to FALL from it .

     [ Falling is an ART , like GETTING UP on you own is . Really it is . ]

     Resilience then it is , on my 2011 medal !  And , the Strange thing about Resilience is that – people will tell you how Resilient they are- without even admitting they faltered . That ‘s web 2.0 Resilience for you !

What it also taught me is the importance of saying NO , when something doesn’t fit in my profile of things I want to do – like turning down lucrative offers (Money wise) that would get me some where , but not there which I target . I have to admit it was tough ,  for the ones I really wanted are premium’s and I am working up-to it — and there’s this thing about System 1 – System 2 thinking that tells me that temptation does exist ! Whooooo !   Life could NOT be MORE simpler that this.

And yes, I am still running my experiments .. you know which ones .

More on this in a few days .. I am writing  .. and 2012 has just begun !


2009-2010 – The Kite Runner …

Seth once said – If you cannot describe your position in eight words or less- You DO NOT have a position ! 

— I am a kite runner ..


I am a sportsperson – but not necessarily on the streets – and since the past seven years – ever since I had my first “Aha moment ” – I have had a single goal everyday – “To create” . So as it goes , I am not scared of crayons 🙂

So, as I said ,I run everyday , not necessarily the blocks around my home, but in my mind – and I think a lot . I m quite passionate and that’s one thing for certain you cannot miss at all ! I am self- assuredly certain that I emit these energy vibes that you just cannot miss .Too much to say , but true 🙂 I have worked with some of the most amazing people across the Globe – mostly over the internet and I am what I am because of them . (Do read my story of change here)

Also , I’m rather very passionate TED enthusiast, a Triiibes member and a big fan of the Seth Godin and Tony Robbins .Before everything else – these men, people at Triiibes and TED talks have taught me to a good human – and my interpersonal journey with myself has been one of both disbelief and courage . I have learnt to answer the most difficult questions , and yet to stand against the backdrop of disasters and fight it in its face . My story has been both a story of the rise of creativity, the fall of it – and then the rebirth from the ashes . Frankly and luckily I have been through these troublesome years listened to myself speak and evolve – and yet come out – Courage comes from the wierdest of places .


I describe myself as a uniquely weird person,maverick,dudette, heavy duty ,superwoman and yet thoughtful .I love reading and writing poetry and Elizabeth Bishop’“One art” – is the most meaningful poem I have ever read .
One Life, DO MORE .



8 Responses to "About me"

From one Seth Godin fan to another!! Keep pushing through the Dip!

Hi Lloyd,

True, one of the things that I love about Seth is his ability to inspire, endlessly , so much so that although you are not communicating with him, you feel as though he were your personal mentor.

His blogs, his books are of immense value to us, and the legacy is truly cherished .Are you at Triiiibes btw?



pathetic web site, all blogs are dumb…..some movies are made, after release director thinks, why did i made such a dumb, idiotic movie, i guess same goes with the idiotic page of urs..


Thanks a lot for dropping by and taking the time to read a dumb blog .

This one is for you

Take care, and keep reading, I need the critiques .

Hi Ekta, Nice write up and stream of thoughts. Have added you to my twitter list. Will keep conversing.. 🙂

finally you changed your photograph , nice camera it makes you look good 😛

It great to know kind of u people exist.. I love talking about psychology,mathematics(though i know little ha ha ha) and want to learn lots of thing about philosophy,history and human behaviour..I heard a lot about you from my good friend amit..

My passion is learning and want to spend my time with the kind of people who has really good stuff to learn..

I hope in couple of days i ll able to read ur entire blog..

Thanks for dropping by Amit.
I hope to live up to your expectations .

Keep Thinking

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