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On a sunny morning , I open my inbox and I find the following comments about me “pathetic web site, all blogs are dumb…..some movies are made, after release director thinks, why did I made such a dumb, idiotic movie, I guess same goes with the idiotic page of urs..”

And I must say, that is the best compliment I have ever got ! Why, simple, no one remarks if you do a good job , we have far less time for that , but yes, if you meet a good resistance, you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it Up ! Shout out loud, and pat your back!

The message : If you are working hard, sure there will be people to pull you down. Guy Kawasaki calls them bozo’s, they are the people who tell you why certain thing will not work, and why you don’t need to take a plunge.

Bozo’s come in all shapes and sizes, but the worst ones are the ones in your friend circle, those who actually monitor your thought process, and tune the message to what you want to hear. Because all battles are on twice, once in your mind, and once in the battle field, these bozo’s make sure you lose out with your mind.

Here is how to productively fight these and other battles  day in and day out.

In my earlier post I had introduced about Solvitas perambulatorum.Here I touch upon the vital aspects of increasing your creative output, by feeding your brain the thought food it so desperately needs.

Thoughts matter : You might have heard this endlessly, “Feed your Brain with positive ideas”, and for a good reason, for when you think about HOW and not WHY, you shift your focus from pondering to creating something of value. Your goal then subconsciously becomes hitting the problem hard , because now the problem seems to occupy most of your time and energy and solving it becomes your priority.

Use the inputs well : Just before you start your workout ,set with the problem in your mind. Since there is a better circulation of blood to the brain when you work out, there are chances that you will think about it from a different stand that you did not earlier .

A research carried out in the early 1980s by Marian Diamond, a neuroanatomist at the University of California at Berkeley, made some discoveries about brains in general and Einstein’s in particular that could revolutionize ideas about genius and help entrepreneurs who want to become more innovative. 


One of Diamond’s experiments was with rats, One group she placed in a super-stimulating environment with swings, ladders, treadmills, and toys. The other group was confined to bare cages. The rats in the high-stimulus environment not only lived to the advanced age of 3 (the equivalent of 90 in a man), but their brains increased in size, sprouting new glial cells, which make connections between neurons (nerve cells) As long ago as 1911, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the father of neuroanatomy, had found that the number of interconnections between neurons was a far better predictor of brainpower than the sheer number of neurons. 


So, in rats, Diamond had created the physical footprint of higher intelligence through mental exercise. She then examined sections of Einstein’s brain — and found that it, too, was unusually “interconnected.”

It had a larger-than-normal number of glial cells in the left parietal lobe, which is a kind of neurological switching station that connects the various areas of the brain. It has long been known that unlike neurons, which do not reproduce after we are born, the connective hardware of the brain — glial cells, axons, and dendrites — can increase in number throughout life, depending on how you use your brain.


The more we learn, the more of these pathways are created. When we learn a skill such as riding a bicycle, We create connections between brain cells that remain, even if we don’t practice the skill for decades. Mental power is, in a way, connective power. 

Research data picked from the data  here .

Which is to say that working out works ! 


Find the connections :  There is a reason why a certain though comes to you, write it down if you feel there is a tinge of creativity .Even if you are not convinced, play safe ,still write it down, and get the post it notes stuck to your brain the next time you are out for your fitness regime.

Personally I feel that ever since I started using
Einstein factor , my ability to correlate and draw connections has increased considerably. Like all things, it is slow, and takes time , because you are effectively building new neuron connections which do not exist yet, but once they do your ability to think, create and build increases three dimensionally.

Stay tuned for more creative food ! And listen to bozo’s , they are there for a reason, for they tell you, where should your creative energy go .



If you meet a strong resistance ,you are trying to change something fundamental. Keep up the good work.



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