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There is this story about the earthen pot and the brass pot, where the brass pot proposed to the earthen pot one day that they go out in the world together. Fragile that it was, the earthen pot was reluctant, claiming that he would be safe by the fire. But the brass pot convinced the earthen pot to come along.

But the earthen pot could not survive the companionship and cracked after the ten steps that they took together.

The fable ends there, but here it just begins.

Are you the earthen pot, what’s keeping you from plunging out in the world?

Are you just excusing yourself believing that you are fragile, and torn.

I was just reading Lance Armstrong’s Its not about the bike. My journey back to life” . In an instance, Lance asked his Mom if her job was going nowhere, and she could outdo it any day; why dint she just quit.

To which she said  …”Son, You never quit.”

Simple as it may sound, but this one liner was so power packed  that all through his battling with the testicular cancer, a career that had just begun and was on the verge of a complete loss, and his fight for life, Lance kept reinforcing this and determined not to loose to the death and the odds of his survival.

And he DID WIN !

The point?

Simple, if you are weak, go put fire, burn yourself in it and come out with an astonishing stamina, for you can never win any battle when you have already lost it in your mind.

The sculpture is already inside stone, go morph it !





 If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.



When you were born, like a seed you were vulnerable, but you survived, the parch heat, humidity, the exposure and rough weather.From a seed you grew on to acquire ROOTS, and moved on to stems,branches,twigs,leaves,and finally flowers and fruit .

And you grew up to be a tree, the leaves of which were conditioned by education, and the people around, by persistence, self discipline, industry, willingness to accept as life came along.


Each day of conditioning made you strong, and audacious. Each of these days you stood for HOPE, trading time for who you can be, you invested in educating yourself, and each of these days you fought with yourself not to settle for less.


But then the autumn came along, and you backed out, shedding leaves, surrendering to what is external and **beyond you**


Alas, but the story of human race is a story of innumerable human being who sell themselves short each day, for each day in their hearts and mind the self doubt plugs and eats up into who they can or could be, if only they persisted.


The point now is, how NAKED are you, if you are growing your leaves trust the nature to get back the spring to you. If you are in spring already, trust to see the autumn soon, aware that anything persistent and permanent is change.

NAMEPLATES are boring !


You don’t want to be living all your life with the nameplate, that’s not what defines you,you are your definition, yours alone,and if the tree you are building stands for giving, you define others around you,andonly  then in true sense have you existed and made a difference.


Today pledge to give something, anything your time, your attention, your vision, or as little as a thought .You will then see the other naked trees around you building on, and blooming in a message that reverberates around the universe “Giving and building on..”




Do what you want to do ..And go where you’re going to
Think for yourself ..  ‘Cause I won’t be there with you.

 George Harrison 

As I cross the street I see young boys wanting to be men, with gelled hair, pierced ears and low waist jeans.

I’m no where close to those ‘oldies’ to exclaim “hamare zamane mei to…aaj kal ke bachhe bhi na…

 What I’m talking about is a generation that is enabled like never before, never before have we been so connected, never before have we felt this sense of togetherness, and more so of IDENTITY.


Ever since ages, man has been transcending from I to WE to I, and yet lost in the battle that he is to fight with himself, and the more he is to do.

There are larger questions that he must answer each of these days, questions of identity,power, motive, relativism and above all, of the inherent MEANING .


What is it that means to you, means to me. What is it that ignites you, what is it that you are apssiontely passionate about ?

Sadly,but truly,the answer to this question will never come overnight, never under your bed telling “What should you do with your life..”

 So, when they said ignorance is a bliss, they meant it, for the more a human mind knows, the more it seeks, so much so that overwhelmed in the myriad feeling ,everything becomes quite distant to him. Things which, although well in reach are not doable, because there are so many of them.

At the same, never before have we felt the collective HOPE that charges our senses stronger than it does now.


There is this principle of reinforcement which states “reinforcement occurs when an event following a response causes an increase in the probability of that response occurring in the futurei.e. arousal level is proportional to rate of reinforcement.


To which I meekly answer..

Choose a path, and keep going, and you will get there !


And inspiration, what’s that? And by the way, where are you trying to find it ,for it is already there, you just need to condition it.

How ? Stay tuned !



Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

             William B. Sprague


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