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There is this story about the earthen pot and the brass pot, where the brass pot proposed to the earthen pot one day that they go out in the world together. Fragile that it was, the earthen pot was reluctant, claiming that he would be safe by the fire. But the brass pot convinced the earthen pot to come along.

But the earthen pot could not survive the companionship and cracked after the ten steps that they took together.

The fable ends there, but here it just begins.

Are you the earthen pot, what’s keeping you from plunging out in the world?

Are you just excusing yourself believing that you are fragile, and torn.

I was just reading Lance Armstrong’s Its not about the bike. My journey back to life” . In an instance, Lance asked his Mom if her job was going nowhere, and she could outdo it any day; why dint she just quit.

To which she said  …”Son, You never quit.”

Simple as it may sound, but this one liner was so power packed  that all through his battling with the testicular cancer, a career that had just begun and was on the verge of a complete loss, and his fight for life, Lance kept reinforcing this and determined not to loose to the death and the odds of his survival.

And he DID WIN !

The point?

Simple, if you are weak, go put fire, burn yourself in it and come out with an astonishing stamina, for you can never win any battle when you have already lost it in your mind.

The sculpture is already inside stone, go morph it !





 If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.



Yesterday I met a collegue in the elevator , and whilst both of us were rushing to catch the evening shuttle, he exclaimed “ I missed it , already !”

To which I quoted ” If you think you have, you have..”

For a moment he stared at me, for although we happen to sit on the same floor, I have hardly had any interaction with him.And he wasn’t expecting to be overheard as he made this “decalration to self”. To wind things up, I just closed it with ,”Have you read The Secret “, I will tell you about it tomorrow”

This morning I sighted him at the coffee corner.Excited that I was, I asked him, if he could catch the shuttle yesterday. He did !

So here’s all that I wanted to tell him and you ..

The Secret finishes with the Law of attraction and the power of the principle of reinforcement.i.e your thoughts become things, for everything happens to you twice ,once in your mind, and once when you Do it .

The book closes with the reinforcement of the belief that you get all that you truly DESIRE. So if you are not getting all that YOU want, give it a second thought, are you being skeptical that “will I get it?”, or do you simply BELIEVE. Believe that somehow everything will fall in place and you will be OK.

After I read the book, open as I am to trying out new things , I convinced myself to replace every negative and self-doubting thought by a positive affirmative thought , I will get it .

Because “Thoughts become Things ..”

To substantiate :


As you work out in the gym with the thoughts of a positive, toned , heathier you, you no longer bother about the muscles and ligaments that hurt ,for your mind has tutored your body, to be patient, and to persist, because YOU want to be fit, build your stamina. These muscles which used to cry out claiming you were rude, persist and support you. This is the power of mind. 

I belive why you get what you think, is because you make your mind stronger enough for this desire to turn true, and you subconsciously take actions to commensurate it. So take that firm belief,see yourself as holding that object that you desire,palce that you wanted to go to, or the education and information base you wanted to build and you will ACT. And more so, you will enjoy it, because it no longer looks ACTION to you, it looks something that enables you to reach there faster .

This morning I read Becky’s wonderful post on “Reinventing the self.. If you must make that one change today, work out on your thoughts, for they morph into reality .

And don’t wait for that pink slip to do what you have always wanted to, do it right way, if you should.

Like everything else, it is not easy, and you will run , want to wander, just put , and you will be fine eventually, ROME wasn’t built in a day .

To begin, create it in your mind, and STICK on !

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Ask, believe and you will receive..


Every time you write a blog, a book, a note, you want to outdo yourself vis a vis the last one. True with every thought that you share, you need to get better, organized , put in more refined thinking process at work.

But there are times, you run out of the creative fuel, and although you keep the thoughts alive and sparkling, you don’t quite think it is creative enough given what you wrote last.

And then you run skeptical, if what you would contribute, would add value to what your readers already know.

A book  has 250 pages, because the author wants you to know the pretext, and because it is not a fairy tale, so don’t SKIP that page, it is there because someone wants you to know something. Something that matters to him, inspires him to create something that goes beyond its function of facts and data, and is beautiful.

Idea begets idea, thoughts beget get a killer one..a hunded need to be done ..


That said.. Keep writing ..



If there is no meaning in what you think and do, one one, if you cann’t find one,  create one..

They say feed a man for a day and feed him once, and teach him fishing, and feed him for a lifetime.

Only metaphorically when you think about the new fish and feeding model, education comes on the forefront of it all.

Education is the forerunner to something really big and far beyond its size.Education creates,reciprocates, and attracts.

It is a key to empowerment, to acknowledgement of self dependence, to being aware of the abyss between the good and the bad. Of course, not all educated men and women are righteous men and women, but education just gives hands on experience of what it can achieve.

Back in my school, I used to be fascinated by the word competition. Thinking back now, I cannot really say if it were healthy or not, just that all I wanted it back then was to TOP them all.



Education is right when it teaches you what a healthy competition is, learning from others, adding on to what we already know, and sharing the pearls of knowledge like tiny droplets of water on an arid desert. Education is righteous, when you can stand up and say “I believe “,and die for it.

Sadly our conventional schools do not teach the kids what a healthy competition is , there is nothing wrong in the system, just that , there is something that needs to be here, and isn’t , Let get it !


“If we dont help each other, who will..” 

I love morning walks, just that I’m a a little lazy or worn out at times . Last month I hurt my back , and was virtually confined to bed rest, and as soon as I picked up, I decided it was time to get the muscles rolling. I set out on the street at 5 am. I had just moved a few yards , when the a group of 5-6 dogs circled me. Scared that I was I considered returning home, but something in me urged me to keep moving,which I did .

The point : Are you just being too skeptical of the situations, people and of yourself ? There is this wonderful book “The secret” at the core of which it describes the “law of attraction, I call it the “Murphy’s law part two” , if something has to go right, it will . Are you pondering too much over helping out people ,reaching out to them, but get bogged down by failures at your attempts?

The point is, “Thoughts become Things“,so if you continually reinforce any feeling, it morphes into a belief , and we never fail when we belive in something. Coz when you truly believe , you fight back !


Hold on, Hold fast,Hold out, Patience is genius ~ Comte De Buffon

There is this interesting book, Bottom of the pyramid, at the heart of it; it doesn’t try to touch upon a newly discovered problem. It just states may be a lot better given the statistics that are very well compiled in the work.

So what the work reinstates is that the poor and the less privileged section of the society is where our future will be, and empowering these people is where we collectively as a society will be able to move forward.

Talk of Microcredit(The Gramin Bank), or eChoupal, at the core they imply a change, and a shift in focus from ME to the less blessed in the space around us.

We draw our identity from the space we live in and this is why this section should be empowered, for we do not do everything in self interest.

In her book, The Blue Sweater Jacqueline Novogratz  ,Founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, brings us a series of insightful stories and unforgettable characters — from women dancing in a Nairobi slum, to unwed mothers starting a bakery, to courageous survivors of the Rwandan genocide, to entrepreneurs building services for the poor against impossible odds.

I was just exploring how we can use social media, Acting Wikily; to amplify the cause and raise funds. I do not quite believe in charity, because when you ONLY give monetary support you are feeding someone for a day or two, but when you teach him, a vocation, or provide him/her employment opportunities, you are feeding him all his life and this is my vision.

Make them believe in themselves, and trust me, half the job is done, for  the most untutored person with passion is more determined than the most tutored person without it.

As years go by, I hope to be able to touch more lives, and hope that what I am trying to do will be simulated in the space we put up in.

In essence I wish to redefine community wellbeing and I am looking for off beat ideas in improving community service and making it exemplary, because this is what I can be my personal BEST at.

I ‘m amazed at the amount of energy each one of us here has got with them. Given that we belong to varied backgrounds, cultures and bring varied experiences in the forum, there is a lot we can do together.

I am here to learn from you, and how do I make my project more visible, adaptable, and truly inspiring.  

    Yes, I need you .


If the path is beautiful,first confirm where it leads,but if the destination is beautiful,dont bother how the path is..Keep walking..

..And why being Creative will solve most of your problems if not all.


1. Outsmart your competition

The most obvious reason is that by still tuning in, you can knock off the weaker competition, and by a big margin .

But the point?

Where do I get the money from , simple , be creative, use low budget adds that Stick on, and that do not have to be telecasted endlessly to remind the customer of the sulking product on the shelf when he is out for his monthly groceries.

2. By being persistent and “hanging in” you send out a subtle message that you care more for the long term market positioning and “are there to stay”, unlike the companies who are spendthrift in bullish times and disappear in thin air in the  turbulent ones.


3. You send a selective message to the customer, because he wants to know what makes you STILL optimistic

Who doesn’t adore persistent people ?

Towards this the most lovable example I like to quote of is that of Obama, for he stood for Hope, belief and Trust that together they CAN. This Hope stood against the back drop of the most turbulent recessions in the contemporary times, but the definition of  Recession  which is “six consecutive months  of downturn in GDP there have been recessions every 4 or five years in US since 1854, and 112 recessions in 21 OECD countries since 1960 ( Source : Ogilvy And Mather)

So, if in the bad times you stand along with the customer and make him BELIEVE that the bad times will pass, you WIN.

4. The principle of Reinforcement

According to the principle of reinforcement, “Things stick on and tend to become a habit when persistently done “

The book ‘The Secret’ details more about it. Read my previous post here for more on this .

It is more likely the consumers purchasing habits stay on after the bad times,and you have acquired a larger customer base in transit.

5. Tell a story

Everyone loves stories.

Create a story of survival, and narrate it ! Simple .

People like genuine stories, stories of change, off beat, one that speaks the context. It doesn’t do much good to have beautiful model sliding on the sofa set , that symbolizes consumerism to 300 million middle class of India . Tell a story (may be )about a carpenter who is passionate about the joy he gets from building.

Air the narrative, and place them well in terms of channels that you broadcast this at.

A housewife who is sulking at “saas bahu..” isn’t interested in what joy it is to OWN an apple Ipod and go for a morning walk , may be if you told her that she could plug in her ipod shuffle when the saas gets nasty, that would do the magic.

If your product doesn’t have it, create it, but ultimately the product competes on its utility , especially for re-use items like food products, cosmetics and other utility items.

6. Throw your model of selling to a band of customers get a new one instead

Stop advertising believing that of the 100 customers you target, at least 20 will end up buying your product. This no longer works in the age of internet, when the consumer has your rival’s product specification and price quotes , past performance and every possible data at the tip of his finger.It is basic “Demand and Supply” and the only way to outwit is by being smart!

The new is that of Social Marketing. May be you are late , but late enough ?

Get the stats, spend money on getting authentic numbers, know who buys YOU and why ? know his pain points, alleviate it, create a happy consumer and he in turn will sneeze to get you al least 5 ! The good news is that the consumer trusts another consumer, and so is the bad news. Get out there, talk to HIM, and let him know that you are working on your Achilles”s heel  and that his voice does matter.



Those who survive are not just tough, they are smart, and adapt quickly


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