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Inertia is a powerful force, and if you decide to do nothing, you’ll probably keep doing the same work you’re unhappy with.


Why is it that although most of us are unhappy with what we do everyday, day after day we continue to do it, the same way.

Why is that we are so reluctant to CHANGE, and that non conformity with anything seems so scary a task, that we make ourselves vulnerable to the easier path to conformity. Alas that is not the path to salvation. How can it be ?


Seth quotes that “if you cannot describe your position in eight words or less, you do not have a position” , so I was stuck with how best do we describe what we do day in and day out in just 8 words, passion , courage , believer, WHO ARE YOU ? What is it that makes you, defines you, charges you, creates you, and lastly limits you.


Talk to yourself, pull out that piece of paper and write it, for once you have taken the first step towards know what you dislike, you can do something about it.

The sooner , the better, Are you Ready to take this first step ?

Time for some self relevation, and introspection, keep thinking , and ideas, never run out of them



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The pretext before I take up from here

I do not recall when for the first time I did hear about not being a mediocre, but these days it tends to consume most of my time. Not just thinking about it, but getting out of what we call Mediocrity, and what will at best make us average.


Average is for losers, and no one likes to be a loser.

So I caught hold of a copy of the Dip . Nowhere can I ever be close to what Seth writes. That is a longshot.


To me Seth symbolizes humility, an ardent believer and an enthusiast. Discovering this opportunity, and applying for it , somehow changed my entire outlook.If you happen to browse this page, you will notice these questions that one had to answer to make it.


The questions!
• What do you do now?
• Why do you do it?
• What are you hoping to learn?
• After you learn it, what are you going to do with it?
• Tell me a true story about making a change in the world.
• Have you overcome a Dip?
• What astonishing thing did you do before you did what you do now.
• Make a wish.
• What else should I know?


So as it happened, it took me quite long to pen what I did, and that was the best move I made towards the close of 2008.I WROTE it.
Somehow for the first time, I was not afraid of failure, of looking bad in my eyes.
So this new year, to begin with I have written another “WRITE IT’s “ , and I shall be soon emailing them to people I believe will help me track it.

If you are one of those who keep looking for someone in the pursuit towards being someone, here’s your place to be, besides we can cook something great. What do you think.
I would love to hear from you, now that you are to a close, I assume that you have taken the first step, realizing that if you cannot be good at everything, better narrow down your focus to what best you CAN do.

More of it soon.



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