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If you are one of the on the go yuppies – and like it short – here’s the deal in short —

Footprints of Gerizim ..

What ?

The happiness project is my effort – henceforth our effort to give back to the space we come from .

It attempts to raise funds for Gerizim , a faculty that houses special needs children .

How ?

We attempt to design a set of Momo Cards – and then sell them for a nominal rates at our organizations, to friends, family and fools, or create them or gift them to long lost friends ..

All collections go to Gerizim .

Who ?

You and I .

When and where ?

Saturday ,May 1st ,2010 which also happens to be labor day 🙂

at  —

Jeevan Bheema Nagar , Bangalore – 560076

Exact coordinates available once you shoot me a confirmatory mail expressing your interest.

(Please let me know, if you want to volunteer a space we could use )

How it all started —-

The happiness project started as an effort of helping people help themselves last December, precisely last Christmas , when a friend of mine, Anupama and I had been to Gerizim , at Ejipura, Bangalore .

All we took was some cake, candies and Color books- but the kids continued to surprise us with what they had. That gets us to –

You are limited only by what you feel you do not have .And it is the inner strength that counts .

That one day – we came back with a feeling –

We are going to come here more often –

Read more about that journey and Anecdotes here

So we go there again – this time with the funds we collected from office.

Next we collected some old clothes, toys (You shouldn’t be surprised to know that these kids are taught primarily using Games)

So here’s a chance for the big deal —

We now attempt to see how much more can we give ..

To keep it short – pictures speak –

Have a sneak here .

What else can you do ?

Spread a word, Tweet, even if you aren’t creative enough- you could help us selling them , or buying them 😛

And yes, the snacks and the Hi tea is on me – please let me know- so that I could plan accordingly .

Creating  something beyond yourselves . Look forward to seeing you ..


Helping people help themselves ..


It doesn’t matter how big is your effort – genuine is what it just needs to be …

And here are the memoirs of the day ..

Pictures here .


Hey there, would be nice to have you around !

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