Finding symmetries in an unsymmetrical world ..

Random thoughts on Economics

In the study room that we study after the classes , there used to be a kettle (water kettle) – and is missing (or non-functional) for the past few days. This was mainly used to heat some water .Given that some of the students (Agents) – use this kettle to make tea for themselves which is cheaper by constrruction than the coffee , or other “sleep killers” in the Cafeteria – there is a recurring cost to all the students who used the kettle before – but cannot use it now – and are forced to buy the coffee/tea  elsewhere.
Everyone who used this kettle- notices that it is missing  (Symmetric Information). Can you tell who will provide for the kettle and when will it be provided ? If every student waits for the other to provide it – is there a possibilty that it will never be provided at all ?
Got an answer – think again 🙂

The Private supply of a public good

What I argue is (otherwise , other way round in the paper) – not only the student who’s utilty from providing for the new kettle is maximum – will provide for the same – but also that he is the one who receives maximum benefit from having provided it . Can you derive some more interesting results ?



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