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In the book here comes everybody, Clay Shirky details on organizing without organizations. In a word or two it describes what happens when people are given the tools to do things together, without needing traditional organizational structures” .We at Triiibes, Squidoo,Twiiter, Facebook, and all such social networking sites, do just that ;helping people.

There is this interesting case study I was reading about Integrated Hub Model the goal of which is to support communities in developing the capacity and skills to secure and tailor government and non-government resources to meet needs of their community .

On the face of it, it means setting systems in place to help people help themselves. This is what social media is all about. Enabling people achieve more, do more and  become more. There is this Newton’s third law that states that “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, so if you do good, good eventually comes to you.

From mobs to smart mobs  to flash mobs people come together based on the mutual trust and the feeling to give back what they have learnt back to the space they came from.

To an educated crowd this might mean disseminating information, knowledge and power of educating .To an impoverished crowd it might mean helping others to trot the paths they took, as a gesture of community wellbeing and gratitude towards those who helped them in their path to financial freedom. The point is not what you give, the point is giving itself.

We are in the process of creating  intangible resources  by investing the most valuable asset to any country, its people.As Seth writes,Imagine what would happen if each of us at Triiibes could take such initiative and educate people around us about social networking, and these educated people could in turn educate more people about our role in community services and creating this service model.Ideas that spread win, infect someone this year, Touch a life this year.

Social media for me :

The other day I was beaten, low, and in my dip , and I was enthralled at the way my friends at Triiibes pushed me . Isn’t it amazing we do not know each other ,might not even see each other, but we are all binded by a single cause , and that is what summarises what a tribe is all about .




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