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As per wiki, consumerism is “the equation of personal happiness with consumption and the purchase of material possessions.”


A market always expands to fit the products in consumer needs, rather than products tailored to meet those needs. The marketing tantrums are aimed at making any consumer believe that he really wants to POSESS it. In other words , he is misled into believing that he WANTS IT ALL. It makes the consumer have that urge to stack everything out in the market at his/her home, purchasing goods in excess of their basic needs.


But the catch is that consumerism is subjective, for what is basic to you, might not mean basic to me. If it did, it would mean Totalitarianism, which is fitting things on a common stage, and regulating to a close extent. Some would call it micro management. to others it may authoritarian. But why tomato sauce alone, why not the brewing cofee parlors around the city which lead you into believing that a lot does happen over coffee ? 


To me, consumerism is simple, If I lose my job today, would I still buy the utility ? If the answer is yes, it is basic’ to me.


The greatest example of a consumerist society is America, an entire nation fooled in believing that it wants more of everything, Junkies, consumer goods, Credit cards, and pillowing up debts. The greatest example of this greed is the flagrant recession triggered by sub prime crisis. So much is the entire globe connected to America that there is a sentiment of a global economic collapse.

Bottom line : Consumerism is a greedy society’s religion. This is not the religion to be embraced, but who is forcing you not to, anyway .



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