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An open letter to the class of 2012 and beyond

[Thank you  : An open letter to the class of 2012 and beyond]


Dear Class of 2012 and beyond,


I still remember the first day of our orientation, before Pre-semester .  As Olga Chandra passed on the list, I found myself secretly searching for another Indian “last name” which I did not find(We are 1.2 billion people, mind you !) But then I told myself, well I can get Indians back in India – this is going to be super fun.  To this day, I think that was the best thing that happened to me. 


      All this while, I have learnt lot of things.  I now know where Macedonia is, that Serbia is different than Siberia ( I’m not kidding that I did not know it before) and that not all countries on Europe had the Euro, or joined the common currency at the same time for that matter. I know about the crisis of most of imbalance of payments across the world and I also know greetings in more than 22 languages, including elementary Mandarin and Cantonese (and even writing Chinese characters, which I only learnt 2 weeks back in Taiwan) .  I have learnt history and I have learnt reading maps.  The world is round, always has been, but now I can SEE it . 


  I have discovered my own fears and insecurities and learnt to accept them and fight against them and keep working my ass off.  Most of you are smarter and sharper than I was (I *think* you *feel* the same about each other) endowed with, but I am graduating with the belief that I have made the most of who I really am – and in a very wonderful and unique way.  


      You have pushed me , encouraged me and if that was not sufficient you have “taught me to fish”  –  especially*** Andreea, Isa, Nina, Philipp , Markus, Eirini , “The Gods “( aka Alberto, Iñaki, Jin ), Sascha & Anton, Nick (aka “Nick the Sick” :D) , Siham, Preslava, Martina… and the list goes on and on… Sometimes it was just a small talk but in every of this interaction, I have either learnt a little about the world, or more about my own self. And it has taught me to listen and to appreciate other’s perspective, if not accepting the ideas, your ideas and perspectives outright.


   But all this has taught me a very fundamental thing that I want to share them with you , and that is — Education is different from being Educated – and part of our life is about discovering and being aware of who you want to be, and where you would if you would keep doing what you are doing.  I have learnt to push and help meritocratic people, though most of the times I was on the receiving end (imbalance of payments) – but most of all it has given me a “can do” attitude , which I will be always thankful to you for.


 And then,  I have learnt a lot more, but that’s for another time. Won’t  keep you reading for a long time  🙂


You have smart careers ahead of you, and I am leaving you with beautiful words that I was passed on one “dark” day by a senior – “To sell you do not have to Tell, but to sell well, you have to tell well.”

I hope , wish and pray that you cultivate, learn and master the art of “selling” and “Telling” your ideas and all that you were born to leave this world with.

Make the most of it and Best of luck !




***never mind the order Except Andreea 🙂


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