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I get this question *** all the while – so much so that I decided to do a post about it.


Somewhere in my early teens, I remember particularly the time we had vacations culminating after exams in Early march , and then was the time to plan for vacations .My expenditures in this time used to be books – not the serious ones though – but I particularly remember that I used to make about three trips a day – because all I did was to read and the shop keeper guy who lend us these books gave quite some discount (provided I returned the books the same day) to lure an “ordinary middle class” kid to make these trips back and forth. While both us sisters were looking forward to the new set of books(Junk – food implied while returning from each of these trips)  and clothes, and a well deserved “Dolce Far niente” — mom always said “ahh its march..”

For us Indians March meant – you have to finally settle off with paying the taxes. Although we neither quite knew nor understood what that meant – we “internalized” these taxes . i.e we still asked her for money for this time that we wanted to spend on – but instead of asking these now in march – when she was credit constrained – we asked her to increase out pocket money systematically since October so that  we could both save enough for the spending in march. Years later I now learn that this is actually the “ricardian equivalence” – and that’s the beauty of it .

Or be it the Knowledge of the markets episode I had multiple times as a child while assisting my father to the “local mandi “ (market) – and …

I now know that in a competitive equilibrium markets clear and that prices come out as a solution to the problem . Eureka ! Each of these times as I am sitting in the class and thinking from words to Mathematics and Mathematics to words – I run several journeys back and forth all these markets , to our own middle class budget constraints – and about what really intuition is .

Economics is beautiful because it is science and not just social science ; because it teaches you to simplify and explain things logically and understand abstractly.It is like knowing it already , but being able to claim that its actually true ; like almost  “seeing it coming” — and that’s the hunch .

From mathematics to abstract and back to the application ..

And ,I learn for the joy of it .


*** Ohh and by the way – if you dont know me – you don’t know that I choose to study Economics after practically burning all my ships after a graduation in Computer science . Oh well – ok no .. “I don’t know how it was where you were ..” but where I was everywhere I went I get this puzzled look – “….but Why economics ?”  – what do you know about it – and  I would go on to say , “well frankly , all I know is very limited – but I better know it !”


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