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” Stories of Change do not lie under your bed. Slogging and plodding –that’s the only way you get to the last page –as you finally brim past that mediocrity and usher into the “Remarkable” . Where is the purple cow in you ? Change lanes NOW ! “


Change lanes here 
     — One life , Do more

I don’t know how it was where you were, but in India when you go on a spiritual journey – you leave everything behind- cell phones, jobs, credit cards and go to the Himalayas. 

  In the last two years – I have had a similar journey of revelation, more of a spiritual experience -just that my journey happened across all the geographical boundaries. 
So this day, I consider myself to be lucky to be able to convey my note of thanks to the man who taught me the right things – all in the reverse order than what they have always taught us all our lives!

  Seth taught me the power of language, of actions, initiative, humility, of building genuine relationships – and giving before you expect to receive.
The finest lesson I picked up from him was on Quitting – quitting to do the right things at the right time, and on getting past that dip – effortlessly and gracefully. 

Most of my childhood went into convincing that I was born with Creative genius, and that “it just comes to me”, but as I grew up – I just lost it – and kept pushing it – just to get that “right frame” of mind. So much so had been the fear of rejection that it stopped me from practicing the trade I believed I was good at. Seth taught me that it is ok to stumble again – He taught me not to put trade ideas for a coffee-kick. He taught me the power of unfinished works is more than that of those fermenting in your head all your life.
He taught me to live my life, do it yourself before you even “attempt” to preach. He taught me that there is no excuse for an excuse and that I might as well admit it humbly. He taught me that limitations are first created in head, then in the heart.

 Most importantly, Seth taught me to give selflesslesly and what goes round comes around – Seth being a standing testimony to the love of the many tribes he leads – speaking so effortlessly as if transforming the lives he “talks to” by a Midas touch – carving wholesome individuals of people ;teaching us to be a better human being before a better academician, or professional. 

 In essence Seth has spawned generations of creative change agents – each of whom try to make a difference, bringing the power of initiatives and impact their own circles of perceptions – I call this a nuclear fission reaction

 These two years of mentoring through much of his work and learning from fellow triiibsters , I have become a carrier of change, of creativity, a go-getter – that’s how I best describe myself – and am happy that the change traveled to me – or that I opened myself to it .I now lead two small tribes, one – of Changing the way we see charity and, two – the health freaks – in the office where I teach dance aerobics to girls . Both of these helped reinforcing the power of discipline and commitment – so much so that the vibes I now feel when I am working with these tribes – makes me feel I am carrying that seed of changed further on– and that it will nurture and flourish. And precisely “this” makes it my own spiritual journey . 

As, I change lanes this September when I begin my masters in Economics and hopefully continue my research in Social Entrepreneurship – and helping people see Businesses as a human capital generation engines ,and not as mere money generation instruments. 

 I wrote to Seth after my Alternative MBA application (rejection) ,that I m going to learn from him, anyway – I wrote to him that there is a mythological tale in India – in which when the “Guru”, or the teacher refuses to teach the pupil , the pupil gets a idol of the Guru and does his practice in front of this idol, as a virtual Guru .I let Seth touch my life through much of his work — and today for the Guru Dakshina bit – (the gift to the Guru)
Seth – this one’s for you – “I ” .


The orignal post was written as a birthday prsent to the Man who made me who I am today – Seth Godin . The orignal post here .




If you are one of the on the go yuppies – and like it short – here’s the deal in short —

Footprints of Gerizim ..

What ?

The happiness project is my effort – henceforth our effort to give back to the space we come from .

It attempts to raise funds for Gerizim , a faculty that houses special needs children .

How ?

We attempt to design a set of Momo Cards – and then sell them for a nominal rates at our organizations, to friends, family and fools, or create them or gift them to long lost friends ..

All collections go to Gerizim .

Who ?

You and I .

When and where ?

Saturday ,May 1st ,2010 which also happens to be labor day 🙂

at  —

Jeevan Bheema Nagar , Bangalore – 560076

Exact coordinates available once you shoot me a confirmatory mail expressing your interest.

(Please let me know, if you want to volunteer a space we could use )

How it all started —-

The happiness project started as an effort of helping people help themselves last December, precisely last Christmas , when a friend of mine, Anupama and I had been to Gerizim , at Ejipura, Bangalore .

All we took was some cake, candies and Color books- but the kids continued to surprise us with what they had. That gets us to –

You are limited only by what you feel you do not have .And it is the inner strength that counts .

That one day – we came back with a feeling –

We are going to come here more often –

Read more about that journey and Anecdotes here

So we go there again – this time with the funds we collected from office.

Next we collected some old clothes, toys (You shouldn’t be surprised to know that these kids are taught primarily using Games)

So here’s a chance for the big deal —

We now attempt to see how much more can we give ..

To keep it short – pictures speak –

Have a sneak here .

What else can you do ?

Spread a word, Tweet, even if you aren’t creative enough- you could help us selling them , or buying them 😛

And yes, the snacks and the Hi tea is on me – please let me know- so that I could plan accordingly .

Creating  something beyond yourselves . Look forward to seeing you ..


Helping people help themselves ..


It doesn’t matter how big is your effort – genuine is what it just needs to be …

And here are the memoirs of the day ..

Pictures here .

The pretext before I take up from here : 

 I was reading this amazing post on kindling your curiosity; sure it must have kindled mine, because a day later I found myself writing this.

At the heart of it, Sam lays the proposition “. If we are going to be people who fully develop and maximise our potential, it will be in large part because of our curiosity” , which is quite true, because in the contemporary world IDEAS drive processes .

And here’s the street for you .. 

I was standing in my backyard ,and relishing my evening tea after office ,when I a kid who was running on the ground ,trying to compete, with what it seemed to me , his sibling.

 And while he was running, he fell off. But he did something that most of us adults do not do when we grow up. He KICKED the ground.

 That must have sure kindled my curiosity and the creative genes , enough to mention it here in my post !

 What is it that we unlearn so soon as we grow up, simple, it is fighting back .


 When was it last that you stopped by and instead of saying that “it ain’t fair”, fought back instead ? And if you do not remember when it was , you are in serious trouble, and Do something about it !


As kids we are curious, have an inherent desire to explore , and reach out to what surrounds us, but as grow up we start taking things for granted .


As Seth mentions, when you pass by a cow ,adult that you are, you never say, ohh that’s a cow, but if you pass by a purple cow, you saw ..Waooo did you notice that !

The message is simple , are you being a purple cow, are you worth remarking ?

In the new era of twitter, other such micro blogging phenomenon and seemless social media what is the value to you give to those you interact with . Are you just consuming their time ? (and mind you time is by far the most precious commodity)

So today so something that kindles your creativite quotient, that not only make you say Waoo I did that , but makes you so good enough that people remark about the person you are .


This is not to say be good at everything, but be good at one thing ,and that speak out for you .

Before I leave you to yourself,here’s a treat for you !

It is a pretty old one, but substantiates it well !




 “All who have accomplished great things have had great aim,have fixed their gaze on a goal that was high , one which sometimes seemed impossible.”



There is this story about the earthen pot and the brass pot, where the brass pot proposed to the earthen pot one day that they go out in the world together. Fragile that it was, the earthen pot was reluctant, claiming that he would be safe by the fire. But the brass pot convinced the earthen pot to come along.

But the earthen pot could not survive the companionship and cracked after the ten steps that they took together.

The fable ends there, but here it just begins.

Are you the earthen pot, what’s keeping you from plunging out in the world?

Are you just excusing yourself believing that you are fragile, and torn.

I was just reading Lance Armstrong’s Its not about the bike. My journey back to life” . In an instance, Lance asked his Mom if her job was going nowhere, and she could outdo it any day; why dint she just quit.

To which she said  …”Son, You never quit.”

Simple as it may sound, but this one liner was so power packed  that all through his battling with the testicular cancer, a career that had just begun and was on the verge of a complete loss, and his fight for life, Lance kept reinforcing this and determined not to loose to the death and the odds of his survival.

And he DID WIN !

The point?

Simple, if you are weak, go put fire, burn yourself in it and come out with an astonishing stamina, for you can never win any battle when you have already lost it in your mind.

The sculpture is already inside stone, go morph it !





 If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.


Every time you write a blog, a book, a note, you want to outdo yourself vis a vis the last one. True with every thought that you share, you need to get better, organized , put in more refined thinking process at work.

But there are times, you run out of the creative fuel, and although you keep the thoughts alive and sparkling, you don’t quite think it is creative enough given what you wrote last.

And then you run skeptical, if what you would contribute, would add value to what your readers already know.

A book  has 250 pages, because the author wants you to know the pretext, and because it is not a fairy tale, so don’t SKIP that page, it is there because someone wants you to know something. Something that matters to him, inspires him to create something that goes beyond its function of facts and data, and is beautiful.

Idea begets idea, thoughts beget get a killer one..a hunded need to be done ..


That said.. Keep writing ..



If there is no meaning in what you think and do, one one, if you cann’t find one,  create one..

There is an interesting story in Chinese manuscript, that the Pig roast was accidentally discovered by people who for ages together had Raw pig meat.

The story as it happens was about a swine -herd, Ho-ti,who was out one day to collect mast for his hogs. While he was away his eldest son, Bo-bo , a great lubberly boy, who being fond of playing with fire, let some sparks escape into a bundle of straw, which kindling quickly, spread the conflagration over every part of their poor mansion, till it was reduced to ashes. Together with the cottage, nine pigs perished.

While he was thinking what he should say to his father, and wringing his hands over the smoking remnants of one of those untimely sufferers, an odour assailed his nostrils, unlike any scent which he had before experienced. Whilst this he burnt his finger and quickly put it in his mouth for a some soothing (as we do it till date!),and what he tasted was so delicious; that he surrendered himself to the pleasure.

When his father came, (of course he was furious!) he asked him to have the roasted pig, and aha it was a delight !

So much so that Ho-ti and Bo-bo burnt their house more often to surrender to the delicacy, but at the same keeping it a well guard secret amongst themselves.

The neigbours both surprised and curious of the frequent burn down, reported this, and HO-ti was tried in court. Ultimately, he demonstrated what a delicacy it was to the judje and he was let free.

But soon, the entire city was seen burning, for people would burn their houses to enjoy the Roast pig! Funny it may sound, but it is true ..


Now that we know the story, the context is “Are we burning our house” to find what is the source of problem , or how can we approach a solution?


In the book , Change Masters  By Rosabeth Moss Kanter, she touches upon various aspects of creativity and innovation .

The  prime being, are we burning down the house and approaching the problem in a round about way ?

Clearly, the Roast Pig problem would sound very trivial now, but back then insurance agents closed down !

Simple as it may sound, know, why you do what you do ,and only then can you do it better .


Here are 10 rules for stifling change from Rosabeth, just though of sharing with you.



I have a belief that all our dreams come true in this life alone, but ,sometimes, long after we have actually forgotten them.

Hey there, would be nice to have you around !

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