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(Dear God, please tell my Mom I am doing very fine, and I still think that studying Quantitative Economics, and flying over 16 countries all the way was worth this Education)

Last week I was on my longest flight so far from the far west to the far east, and on my way back I bumped into a Gentleman  who was coming back from Mongolia (the capital , Ulan Bator, to be precise). Talking with him made this trip one of my most shortest trip ever. He was into Marketing side of Construction and myself a bottom up economist and auto-didactic.  So what could we talk about ?

   I had no clue of Construction, or Marketing in construction business or even Mongolia . All I knew about Mongolia was that they have huge deposits of coal . Some people might hit a stalemate at that, what can you really talk, while I was like – tell me more about it !

     We talked about the Mongolian empire, how the Mongols built the Monasteries all the way to Hungary(We could not agree whether the Mongols came up-to Hungary , but that is for some other time), it’s comparison with the Romans and the influence of Mongols on food. And seamlessly, we moved to the Chinese dynasties the Han empire, the Qing dynasty and how the emperors had tried to bring Buddhism to bind people together , and then we moved to the dispute over Tibet and Taiwan , and what I had learnt in the Harvard Project for Asian & International relations, in Taipei , Taiwan, that I was just coming from.

 Come to think of it – it was a powerful  conversation(and I really learnt a lot).  Now that is the thing, finding CPI , or the common point of interest sets you apart from the rest. And come to think of it, it’s really an art. For once he did not tell me what a superwoman I was ( I like telling myself that I am one) – but I instantly knew that he enjoyed talking to me, as much as I did.

    This being able to talk to people “about them” has been my journey of the last 4-5 years. I have practiced and matured it on CEO**’s and Prof’s – but that is not to brag- the point is about learning. 

So my quick take-aways –

1. People are always willing to “Teach” you, once they see the intellect + energy + enthusiasm in you  to learn .This is how we grow, and is a more sustainable way of learning rather than feeding some decaying facts into your  brain.

2. You never choose your mentor. Your mentor chooses you. Point. (Borrowed from Indra Nooyi)

3. Always push meritocratic people, even if you have to go out of THE way to get them some limelight, and then just keep passing the ball.

4. You don’t ask, you don’t get. Under –rated, over-said, but true.

5.  No matter what you want to learn or know, stop the foreplay, and get to the CPI , quick enough to hold them.

6.  What goes around comes around – Gratitude can not be taught, practice it.

7. There  is no single character that can beat your Genuineness – you will know it when it has arrived to you.

8. Push & stretch yourself, and then stretch yourself a little more.

9. You are beautiful, because of  your words and your self awareness and that is something that sets you apart and a Brand “YOU” in this dynamic very competitive world.

10 . We are more than the organizations , and schools we represent – and in some way the hierarchies of power are shifting bottom up . How YOU speak really defines your School, your community and your organisation and your people.

11. NEVER stop learning. 

12. Everything around you, has always been there, but when you meet people who have been there, done that, it sets a context that you can build on, like things, people, places, empires have suddenly started to exist in your conscience.  Beg, Borrow, steal, but GET that context right in your head, you will amazed at how much you can really learn, after-all . 

13. Stop being mediocre, and stop when you have made your point. And, hold your drink,  if you don’t have that super take-away 🙂 

(Emerging ideas from my book – 2o’s is the new 30’s , planning the dots, you will want to connect backward, Dedicated to Annie Fan, a superwoman who knows how to listen, and listen well)



** John Kearon, CEO, Brainjuicer that even shaped 4 months of my work – My Master’s Thesis – On how we think we think, is not how we really think .  In some ways, that is THE bit about connecting the dots. 


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