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Crafting the perspective – The door is open, Please come in

Posted on: March 12, 2012

Back in the last 2 decades as I was educated I had no clue about the decisions taken by my parents for “me” – the schools I had been to, the activities I did – “Crowd sourcing” back then meant, depending on our local spheres of influence, rather your parents, who were wiser than you were.

Now tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin exist- are shaping how we leverage and tailor make your career path , schools to go, internships to choose and position yourself in the global Market– even before taking a course of action. So as the information becomes a commodity good – all of this then brings with it another facet –What should we tell the “kids” – because of so much of information inflow – and so much of conflicting messages pumping in from each direction ?

I think the answer to this lies in the flexibility that we have come to encompass — adapting when it is required.This will be the core skill we will be taught by the globally connected world– In this “facts but no truth” world.  And that is the goal – for it will make us more tolerant of other perspectives. This is where we should be heading.

The door is open, Please come in .

Ekta Grover


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