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Choosing To Engage

Posted on: September 19, 2010

It is four am, I wake up, a voice within me tells me, “Are you insane? Go to sleep.” Year after year, it keeps telling me that today is not the right day. That today I deserve an extra hour of sleep and that I can afford to miss the jog and the morning sun.

Until only a few years back, I told it to shut up and never manifest itself.

How can the output of a black box change if you keep popping the same input? “That BIG stint” does not happen. NEVER has, NEVER will.

This is the right day for anything, for connecting, for offering to help, engaging,learning, harboring curiosity, being and becoming.

The fear of disengagement is manifesting more than it ever did.

Indifference kills. So Engage instead. Anything. Substantial. Tangible. Persistent. Non-Superficial. It doesn’t have to be large or remarkable upfront; it just has to be aligned to who you want to BE. We are not short of  information, or resources, just the will to braid the resources around to get to that personal “Eureka!”

So, when you next ask yourself, ”What should I do with my life?” just tune in to whatever is around you. When you start to consciously hunt and align your interests towards what you really want to do, you find it everywhere. When you are brushing,walking, talking, and even when you are taking a nap.

And yes, don’t trash your ideas, recycle them!

This new year, do something substantial. If you ever have to go down, Go Down FIGHTING !

The distance between two points is always a straight line. Go draw.


This post was orignally published as my entry — an essay in the Triiibes ebook for the Triiibes New York Conference ‘2010 .One of the most amazing things I did .. Here’s the ebook .





5 Responses to "Choosing To Engage"

Love it!
Hunting consciously is really exciting
because I am building a treasure
which is actually me!

very nice!

[…] And yes, “but how, what , when…”  falls in place when you REALLY want to do something /anything – I can vouch for that ! Only if you CHOOSE to ENGAGE ! […]

very inspiring…loved this

very ture.. Choosing To Engage..!

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