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Too early or too soon : where is the Mathematical justification ?

Posted on: January 15, 2010

There was once a time when you just joined an organization, and all you wanted to do, was to get to that “chair of eminence”, too early . You worked day by day, harder each day, until one day (may be) , you realized what is required is persistence .If you were lucky and deserving (not in any particular order), you got part of what you needed timely .

There seems to be a similar problem with economy. To grow, an Economy must be persistent, and aligned to the interests it is supposed to serve , its denizens .But that hardly is the case. Sooner or later, it becomes a victim of its own beneficiaries .

What typically happens is the other way round – Witnessing the liberal , or the radical reforms , an economy opens up, and there is so much new to embrace, so many unrealized , and all potential ideas , that coping up with Idea Management and harnessing the power of an “Open Economy” gets a lot tougher .

That this picture of “Boom” is overly exaggerated , is seen in the rapid growth, speculation in the stock indices, and a lot of virtual ,exponential and mostly undeserving sources of income . This gives an overall impression of Development , which further adds on to the inflation. Since there has not been any “real wealth” that has been created and with the cost of living actually going high , the standard of living actually falls !

And ,then there are loopholes , which are poked (and exploited) by the Foreign investors, and black Marketers who are quick to pick up these “Gaps in perceptions” , and cash on this virtual money looting and amassing wealth . It happens all the while, just before the bubble busts . This is precisely what money laundering schemes operate on – future growth perspectives to deny/delay the returns of the present gains (i.e. the satisfaction you would get when you “consumed” rather than “saved up” )

So there is a fundamental thing to ask every time you see a “perception” maturing  –

Maths never lies, unless the numbers are made up ! Speak to them, read them, eat them , find the patterns and digest them .

And unlike other “perceptions” , they make sense , for they speak to you on your face , however harsh the truth be .



Where is your will to be weird ? – Jim Morrison


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