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Find your Hub and your Tribe .

Posted on: January 12, 2010

We often say “I JUST happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time .” If that be it, when are we moving to the right place, if at all, we are !

There are people willing to be led, to listen to you, in the purview of what common interests you have. You just need to reach out, extend your hand, and share your common experiences and passions. People are more willing to listen than to change . This is not to preach to learn to respect others views and personal choices of lifestyle and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but to insist how much finding your tribe, sticking on and building an authentic relationships matter .

Amazing things happen when people with common interest meet – Silo’s are boring– get out, and find your place ! There’s one of such , for sure .

Here’s an Awesome read for the flow, and for energizing those creative genes !

If WE can then WE must !



Write your obituary. If you don’t like the way it reads, change your life – NOW


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