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Killer Idea: The creative fuel ..

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Every time you write a blog, a book, a note, you want to outdo yourself vis a vis the last one. True with every thought that you share, you need to get better, organized , put in more refined thinking process at work.

But there are times, you run out of the creative fuel, and although you keep the thoughts alive and sparkling, you don’t quite think it is creative enough given what you wrote last.

And then you run skeptical, if what you would contribute, would add value to what your readers already know.

A book  has 250 pages, because the author wants you to know the pretext, and because it is not a fairy tale, so don’t SKIP that page, it is there because someone wants you to know something. Something that matters to him, inspires him to create something that goes beyond its function of facts and data, and is beautiful.

Idea begets idea, thoughts beget get a killer one..a hunded need to be done ..


That said.. Keep writing ..



If there is no meaning in what you think and do, one one, if you cann’t find one,  create one..


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