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Teaching to fish..

Posted on: March 10, 2009

They say feed a man for a day and feed him once, and teach him fishing, and feed him for a lifetime.

Only metaphorically when you think about the new fish and feeding model, education comes on the forefront of it all.

Education is the forerunner to something really big and far beyond its size.Education creates,reciprocates, and attracts.

It is a key to empowerment, to acknowledgement of self dependence, to being aware of the abyss between the good and the bad. Of course, not all educated men and women are righteous men and women, but education just gives hands on experience of what it can achieve.

Back in my school, I used to be fascinated by the word competition. Thinking back now, I cannot really say if it were healthy or not, just that all I wanted it back then was to TOP them all.



Education is right when it teaches you what a healthy competition is, learning from others, adding on to what we already know, and sharing the pearls of knowledge like tiny droplets of water on an arid desert. Education is righteous, when you can stand up and say “I believe “,and die for it.

Sadly our conventional schools do not teach the kids what a healthy competition is , there is nothing wrong in the system, just that , there is something that needs to be here, and isn’t , Let get it !


“If we dont help each other, who will..” 


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