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The Secret

Posted on: March 9, 2009

I love morning walks, just that I’m a a little lazy or worn out at times . Last month I hurt my back , and was virtually confined to bed rest, and as soon as I picked up, I decided it was time to get the muscles rolling. I set out on the street at 5 am. I had just moved a few yards , when the a group of 5-6 dogs circled me. Scared that I was I considered returning home, but something in me urged me to keep moving,which I did .

The point : Are you just being too skeptical of the situations, people and of yourself ? There is this wonderful book “The secret” at the core of which it describes the “law of attraction, I call it the “Murphy’s law part two” , if something has to go right, it will . Are you pondering too much over helping out people ,reaching out to them, but get bogged down by failures at your attempts?

The point is, “Thoughts become Things“,so if you continually reinforce any feeling, it morphes into a belief , and we never fail when we belive in something. Coz when you truly believe , you fight back !


Hold on, Hold fast,Hold out, Patience is genius ~ Comte De Buffon


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