Finding symmetries in an unsymmetrical world ..

An inheritance of loss and a generation of HOPE..

Posted on: February 17, 2009

As I cross the street I see young boys wanting to be men, with gelled hair, pierced ears and low waist jeans.

I’m no where close to those ‘oldies’ to exclaim “hamare zamane mei to…aaj kal ke bachhe bhi na…

 What I’m talking about is a generation that is enabled like never before, never before have we been so connected, never before have we felt this sense of togetherness, and more so of IDENTITY.


Ever since ages, man has been transcending from I to WE to I, and yet lost in the battle that he is to fight with himself, and the more he is to do.

There are larger questions that he must answer each of these days, questions of identity,power, motive, relativism and above all, of the inherent MEANING .


What is it that means to you, means to me. What is it that ignites you, what is it that you are apssiontely passionate about ?

Sadly,but truly,the answer to this question will never come overnight, never under your bed telling “What should you do with your life..”

 So, when they said ignorance is a bliss, they meant it, for the more a human mind knows, the more it seeks, so much so that overwhelmed in the myriad feeling ,everything becomes quite distant to him. Things which, although well in reach are not doable, because there are so many of them.

At the same, never before have we felt the collective HOPE that charges our senses stronger than it does now.


There is this principle of reinforcement which states “reinforcement occurs when an event following a response causes an increase in the probability of that response occurring in the futurei.e. arousal level is proportional to rate of reinforcement.


To which I meekly answer..

Choose a path, and keep going, and you will get there !


And inspiration, what’s that? And by the way, where are you trying to find it ,for it is already there, you just need to condition it.

How ? Stay tuned !



Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

             William B. Sprague



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