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Idea farming and Pigeonhole

Posted on: February 2, 2009

In a discussion Matt Goodman at Triiibes I came across the phase “at the dawn of civilization, man learned how to cultivate crops. And now he is learning to cultivate ideas “ . Waooo ! Now that is something, Idea farmers how cool is that!

But is Matt, and endless other people like him who believe that knowledge is the currency of the new economy , and that we are moving past the information age to the conceptual age predicting something new ? They aren’t, all they are saying is a way to break the pigeonhole that we have been putting up in for ages, and to challenge the challenges.


The point with most people is generating ideas, we are somehow a passive generation of thinkers, and we do not put our ideas to practice. Why because we scared, we want to refine it, or we are just waiting for the right time.


When I started this blog, I had only one vision, that is learning, but if you do not spread what you learn, you lose it.There are times, when I am running out of the fuel, and there is nothing subsctial that comes out of the think tank. I still run my tank on these days, on natural fuel, though :P, i.e I write whatever I want to, comeback later and rewrite it.


Here is some stuff to start with :


1. Know what excites you .If you do not know , you will probably have to find it. You could probaly read the free pdf here, by Dr ManiHow to cross the Road “

2.Write it down. And keep questioning yourself after w while if it still interests you. Because ever since you made your plan, the circumstances may have changed, or you made some serendipitous discoveries .

3.Mail it to 10 friends that you think will be the ones that would poke you if you faltered. They are the ones who help you lead yourself

4.Use a carrot and stick policy. Reward yourself, indulge in something that you have been wanting to learn, a place to go, a dish to prepare, and pamper yourself.

Alternatively when you falter, remind yourself how bad it felt to lie, or say that you are not keeping up with the plan.

5. Just do it, life is fun, and the people you really care for, will not be forever. Keep reminding them that you care !


Here is this amazing post that you would love to read: This a the missing link between creativity and exercise .This is called “Solvitas Perambulatorum .Love Scott for such a remarkable post !




If you don’t have a dream, you have nightmares.


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